Crucifixus -- Et Ressurexit
J.S. Bach, Mass in B Minor

from a recording of a Chorus Niagara concert that Herman attended
and in which son Henry and brother Sense sang

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A few days before he died, Herman de Jong, lying in a bed he would never leave again until his ressurection, asked son Henry, who was sitting beside him, to go get a pen and paper. He then made some requests with all the strength he could still muster. A week or so ago, when he was still able to sit at the dining room table, he had asked Henry to bring him his own recording of the Mass in B Minor by Bach. Since then he had no doubt listened to it, sitting at his desk in his office where he could still escape from the busyness and have the occasional cigarette. Now he asked for 'Et Resurrexit' and some of the 'Crucifixus' that preceded it in the Credo section. Then he said, with his loudest voice, that 'Et Ressurexit' must 'come in with a bang'. Herman de Jong left this life quietly, but there is no doubt that he too entered heaven with a bang.

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